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Terms and condition of use

By joining Victories, you acknowledge having read and accept the Terms and Conditions below and all legal and regulatory measures in force.

Victories is a website edited by Victories&Co.


Services provided on Victories don't in any way substitute to medical consultation of healthcare professionals for any medical decision. In particular, you must not use informations posted by members on Victories to make a diagnosis or a treatment.

As member of Victories, you expressly agree that the content you posted does not :

  • post for commercial or advertising purposes;
  • contravene morality, public order, laws and regulations in the member's country of practice, or the rights of others;
  • contain comments that might be considered slanderous, violent or inciting violence, abusive, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, religious, racist or xenophobic, pornographic, pedophile, revisionist or negationist;
  • usurp a name or a company name;
  • totally or partially assume content protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright, and for which you do not have rights, as well as messages constituting trademark infringement;
  • misuse the service to carry out propaganda, prospecting, soliciting or proselytising, for professional, commercial or political ends.

A moderation a posteriori is implemented to ensure compliance with these rules. Member can also report any abuse from member who does not follow these rules.

Victories&Co therefore reserves the right to delete any content which does not comply with these rules or ask member to change its content.

Moreover, member of Victories agree to be solely responsible for the content they post. Victories&Co does not check if content posted is scientifically or medically relevant or does not form any opinion about content posted by members.

Finally, when you add a content to your diary, you can choose every time the visibility private or public. A private content is not seen by other members. A public content is seen by everyone on your diary. You can also choose the visibility private or public for every data provided on your profile.

Personal Data Security

You are responsible for taking all reasonable measures to ensure that no unauthorised person accesses the platform using your login.

In addition, each member is fully responsible for all activities that occur with the use of their identity. Members agree to immediately notify Victories&Co of any unauthorised use of the platform or any other breach of security.

Victories&Co respects the privacy and confidentiality of personal data submitted to the site by members. The website satisfies the legal requirements included those regarding privacy. Personal information held on members (such as email address) are not transmitted to third parties. For more information on our Confidentiality Policy, please see Confidentiality.

Deactivation of your account

You may delete your account on Victories and the associated data at any time for any reason by login to the Victories mobile app or on the website in the Menu “My profile” ("Delete account" at the bottom of the screen). For any other request, you can contact us by email at

If you don't use anymore Victories, your account can be deactivated after a prolonged inactivity period if no content have been added since your registration.

Your account can be also deactivated if we reasonably believe that you have violated these Terms of Use.

Date of latest update: May 28, 2021

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